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Government-backed scheme trains 1% of border agents for post-Brexit

Chemicals and pharma set to be among the hardest hit by “chaotic” border disruption next year
Government-backed scheme trains 1% of border agents for post-Brexit
  • Investors Chronicle revelations spark warnings of “chaotic” disruption to businesses that depend on EU trade
  • Chemicals and pharma firms likely to be among the hardest hit by a shortage of people able to process customs declarations
  • Up to 50,000 extra staff could be needed to process 200 million more customs forms annually 

A government-backed scheme has trained less than 1 per cent of the estimated 50,000 customs agents needed to maintain smooth trade post-Brexit, new figures reveal, sparking warnings about “chaotic” disruption to UK businesses.

With just weeks until the end of the Brexit transition period, and a trade deal yet to be agreed with the European Union, business leaders say firms are “a million miles” from having the extra staff they need, while chemicals and pharmaceutical companies could bear the brunt of delays at the border.

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