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IC Daily email update

In this week’s cover feature our award winning property editor Stephen Wilmot examines one of the lesser appreciated ways to turn a profit on property – through self building. Stephen points out how self-builders can lock in healthy profits and gives the lowdown on the best ways to go about it.

Meanwhile, our investment trust specialist John Baron updates his top performing investment trust portfolios by continuing his theme of looking at undervalued and out of favour sectors for opportunities. This time, John alights upon the commodities sector where there are some compelling opportunities.

Three years after it was formed, The Fundsmith Equity fund now has the track record to suggest that the reputation of its outspoken founder Terry Smith is justified - he is delivering benchmark beating returns for a relatively low cost through a concentrated portfolio. Read Moira O'Neill's tip here.

Twitter shares soared on their debut yesterday, closing up 73 per cent. But is this just first day hype, or is there more substance to the microblogging business. Matt Allan reports.