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Investors Chronicle has been helping investors make their money work harder for over 155 years. We are renowned for our market-beating share tips as well as comprehensive and independent coverage of the UK stock market. However, we cover more than just shares, a subscription to Investors Chronicle means that you can enjoy all of this:

■ Tips of the Week – uncover four exciting share or bond tips and a fund tip in your inbox by Friday morning

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■ Individual portfolios selected by our journalists: our 'Bargain Shares' value portfolio has beaten the market 13 times in 16 years; our 'Benchmark' momentum portfolio has made 92 per cent in five years and our 'Bearbull' income portfolio has made 196 per cent since 1999. (Past performance is not a guide to the future.)

■ Funds coverage - interviews with leading fund managers plus our in-depth research to help you find the best funds for growth and income

■ Tip updates – throughout the week on our website we publish sometimes as many as 15 – 20 updates on our past stock picks

■ Information you need to know when choosing your Sipp or Isa investments. We'll show the best ways to take advantage of tax-efficient savings vehicles

■ Economic analysis – we'll give you the bigger picture and understand the factors that affect your savings and investments

■ Trading ideas – 'The Trader' will show you with clear charts how she uses technical analysis to anticipate market moves and inform his trading strategy

■ Comprehensive companies coverage – we analyse hundreds of company results each year to help you conduct thorough research when making investment decisions


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Content such as our tips, tip updates, trading ideas and columnists' portfolios are for paying online subscribers only. However, we want people to have a chance to try our other valuable articles, and by registering for free to the website you can use our tools and gain unlimited access to our non-premium articles. If you choose not to register you can view up to three articles.


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