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Investing in small unlisted companies is highly risky, but a new breed of website - crowdfunding platforms - lets you invest small amounts you can afford to lose. But is the excitement of it enough to counteract the slim odds of making money?
Follow the crowd

Buying shares in tiny start-up companies and watching them grow makes investing in ordinary shares and funds feel tame. So if you're a stock market big-return hunter looking for a new pastime, then crowdfunding could be your new best friend. In just a few clicks of a mouse, crowdfunding sites transport you to a den filled with infant companies, all with the potential to become the next 'big thing'. And you're the dragon, sniffing out the next Angry Birds, Innocent Smoothies, or - using your business acumen to hand-pick the gems from the rubble. This is about as tantalising as it gets.

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