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O'Leary sells down Ryanair shares

The airline chief executive has sold 4m shares just shy of an all-time share price high
O'Leary sells down Ryanair shares

Nothing presents a time to sell like a share price peak. Ryanair's (RYA) outspoken chief executive, Michael O'Leary, sold 4m shares in the budget airline worth a total of €72m (£63.5m) on 6 June. At 1,800¢ a share, the chief executive sold at just under Ryanair's all-time share price high of 1,826¢ reached on 31 May this year. Mr O'Leary is still the third-largest Ryanair shareholder, behind HSBC and Fidelity Investments, owning close to 4 per cent of shares after this disposal.

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Last month, the airline announced a €600m share buyback programme, but warned that there could be "significant disruption" to flights between the UK and Europe after the UK leaves the European Union (EU). In light of this, Ryanair has started to shift its strategy away from UK-bound flights to focus on its routes in Europe, despite Mr O'Leary's shortlived claims that the airline would stop flying to the continent if the aviation industry was not given a special post-Brexit deal.


CompanyDirectorDateNo of sharesPrice (p)Value (£)Holding (shares)Holding (%)
AO World John Roberts (ceo)06 Jun 17769,230130999,999110,108,49124.000
Abcam Mara Aspinall05 Jun 172,700978.5926,4226,1180.003
Aberdeen Smaller Companies Income Trust Dagmar Kershaw05 Jun 178,511234.419,9508,5110.038
Alliance Trust Christopher Samuel06 Jun 173,500704.524,6588,6680.002
Allied Minds Jill Smith (ceo)05 Jun 1771,211141.0554100,44771,2110.030
Allied Minds Jill Smith (ceo)06 Jun 1710,789140.169415,12382,0000.035
Allied Minds Peter Dolan (ch)06 Jun 1783,800139.9117,236126,1230.054
Arix Bioscience Joseph Anderson (ceo)02 Jun 1755,000206.1113,355354,3100.369
Arix Bioscience Jonathan Peacock (ch)02 Jun 1728,016206.157,741595,0560.619
Arix Bioscience James Hedley Rawlingson (cfo)02 Jun 1726,000206.153,58637,4840.039
BBA Aviation♥ Nigel Rudd (ch)07 Jun 173,550304.6110,814239,2000.023
BBA Aviation Nigel Rudd (ch)07 Jun 174,890304.6114,895235,6500.023
BlueRock Diamonds* Paul Beck (ch)07 Jun 17333,333310,0002,551,2313.757
Cairn Homes Gary Britton01 Jun 1730,000154.7546,42580,0000.011
Centamin Youssef El-Raghy (ch)07 Jun 17250,000172.1430,25021,100,0001.831
Chaarat Gold  Martin Wiwen-Nilsson02 Jun 17111,74218.2520,3939,762,0392.775
Chaarat Gold  Martin Wiwen-Nilsson02 Jun 17227,9961841,0399,650,2972.743
Chaarat Gold  Martin Wiwen-Nilsson05 Jun 1715,00019.252,8889,777,0392.779
Cobham David Lockwood (ceo)01 Jun 1744,578133.89859,68944,5780.002
Cobham Michael Wareing (ch)01 Jun 1718,500133.724,73560,5000.003
Dalata Hotel  Patrick McCann (ceo)02 Jun 1740,000519207,600954,9270.522
Elementis Paul Waterman (ceo)06 Jun 175,00038619,30050,0000.011
GB  Dave Wilson (fd)06 Jun 1730,000410.875123,263275,5920.182
IndigoVision♥  Martin Pengelley02 Jun 172,0002605,2004,0000.053
IndigoVision  Chris Lea (cfo)02 Jun 175,00026013,00024,0780.316
Intu Properties♥ John Whittaker01 Jun 1750,000270.4135,200336,816,93924.857
Intu Properties♥ John Whittaker01 Jun 1750,000270.4135,200337,406,93924.900
Intu Properties♥ John Whittaker01 Jun 1750,000270.4135,200337,996,93924.944
Intu Properties♥ John Whittaker01 Jun 17190,000276.42525,198365,629,09726.983
Intu Properties♥ John Whittaker01 Jun 17215,000276.42594,303337,356,93924.896
Intu Properties♥ John Whittaker01 Jun 17215,000276.42594,303337,946,93924.940
Intu Properties♥ John Whittaker01 Jun 17325,000272.74886,405337,141,93924.881
Intu Properties♥ John Whittaker01 Jun 17325,000272.74886,405337,731,93924.924
Intu Properties♥ John Whittaker01 Jun 17350,000272.74954,590338,346,93924.970
Kenmare Resources♥ Gabriel Smith01 Jun 1710,000274.3527,43520,0780.018
Learning Technologies  Harry Hill05 Jun 1743,0004619,7802,211,0000.404
Metro Bank Alastair Gunn05 Jun 175003,833.5019,16869,8640.087
Metro Bank♥ Alastair Gunn05 Jun 171,0003,83738,37070,8640.088
Plus500 Daniel King07 Jun 175,558539.529,98518,8170.016
Private & Commercial Finance  David Bull (fd)07 Jun 1766,98922.8915,334230,5680.109
RPC  Lynn Drummond07 Jun 171,215822.59,9932,4480.001
RPC♥  Jamie Pike (ch)07 Jun 1712,78778299,994288,3280.069
Renewi Colin Matthews (ch)01 Jun 1762,50090.6556,656200,0000.025
Spectris Mark Williamson (ch)01 Jun 1715,0002,652.97397,94516,7530.014



CompanyDirectorDateNo of sharesPrice (p)Value (£)Holding (shares)Holding (%)
B&M European Value Retail♥ Simon Arora (ceo)02 Jun 1760,000,000363.4218,040,000149,880,82814.988
Cambridge Cognition  Andrew Blackwell07 Jun 17131,095109142,89400.000
Fisher (James) & Sons♥ Nicholas Henry (ceo)05 Jun 171,6411,753.0128,767197,0280.393
Fisher (James) & Sons♥ Nicholas Henry (ceo)05 Jun 172,8631,74750,017194,1650.387
Fisher (James) & Sons♥ Nicholas Henry (ceo)05 Jun 174,2691,75775,006181,0220.361
Fisher (James) & Sons♥ Nicholas Henry (ceo)05 Jun 174,2941,74775,016185,2910.369
Fisher (James) & Sons♥ Nicholas Henry (ceo)05 Jun 174,5801,74780,013189,5850.378
GB♥   Dave Wilson (fd)06 Jun 1735,867382.37137,145239,7250.158
GB  Richard Linford06 Jun 1720,000384.2576,850280,0000.184
Hiscox♥ Bronek Masojada (ce)02 Jun 1750,0001,236618,0003,162,6821.107
Lok'n Store  Charles Peal06 Jun 175,00045022,500600,0002.049
Randgold Resources Graham Shuttleworth (fd)06 Jun 177,0007,697538,79085,4080.091
Ryanair  Michael O'Leary (ceo)02 Jun 174,000,0001,58863,508,76046,096,7253.791
UDG Healthcare Chris Corbin05 Jun 17100,000812.7584812,7581,762,6810.710
WYG Paul Hamer (ceo)07 Jun 17129,235101130,52700.000