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Wanted: portfolio for inflation, stagflation and contagion

Tactical asset allocation choices are tough in a world beset by uncertainty.
Wanted: portfolio for inflation, stagflation and contagion
  • TAA portfolio makes 7.7 per cent since January
  • Improved performance after August rebalance

Chugging along but not shooting the lights out would be a fair way to summarise the performance of the tactical asset allocation (TAA) portfolio. Since the last rebalance in early August the total return has been 3.1 per cent, which is roughly half what an S&P 500 tracker of US shares has made UK investors.

Since the beginning of the year TAA has made 7.7 per cent, whereas the US benchmark is up by a fifth. A fairer comparator is the MSCI PIMFA balanced asset allocation index, which has a similar weighting to shares as TAA and comes out roughly similar with 7.4 per cent total returns (08.01.2021 to 29.10.2021), albeit the PIMFA index would cost less to replicate.  

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