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How to invest in hard-to-access investment trusts

Trusts listed on the LSE Specialist Fund Segment may not be easily accessible
How to invest in hard-to-access investment trusts
  • A number of investment trusts are difficult to access because they are listed on the LSE Specialist Fund Segment
  • We look at which platforms let you buy them and alternative options

Investment trusts are rightly trumpeted as a good way to access niche and less liquid assets, but not all of them are easy to buy. While many investment trusts trade on mainstream parts of the UK stock market, around 40 are listed on London Stock Exchange’s Specialist Fund Segment.

The Specialist Fund Segment houses niche funds that target “institutional, professional, professionally advised and knowledgeable investors”. As such, these trusts can be difficult for private investors to access because some investment platforms don't offer them while others require you to prove that you are experienced enough to hold such funds.

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