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John and his wife, 64


Sipps, Isas and trading accounts invested in direct shareholdings and funds, cash, residential property


3.5% a year total return, pass on assets to children tax efficiently

<p>Sipps, Isas and trading accounts invested in direct shareholdings and&nbsp;funds, cash,&nbsp;residential property</p>

John and his wife are age 64, and she has retired. John still works part-time as a consultant, which earns him £30,000 a year. They will start to receive state pensions from the end of this year, which will amount to £15,000 a year in total. All their other pensions have been consolidated into self-invested personal pensions (Sipps). John has taken his 25 per cent tax-free entitlement to settle a tax bill, but otherwise they have not drawn on the Sipps and don’t intend to.

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