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Aston Martin non-exec in £29.5m sale

The luxury car maker's shares have nearly halved since it went public in October last year
Aston Martin non-exec in £29.5m sale

Luxury car maker Aston Martin Lagonda (AML) has not got off to a roaring start since it went public in October last year. The shares have lost nearly half their value over the past nine months to trade at 1,003p, after debuting at 1,900p.

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The maker of fictional spy James Bond’s car of choice has been vocal about ambitious growth plans under the third phase of its 'Second Century Plan', with a target of 14,000 vehicles sold annually against seven core models by 2022.

On 28 June, non-executive director Najeeb Al Humaidhi sold 3m shares at 982.5p each in a transaction worth nearly £29.5m, made through his Jersey-domiciled Primewagon Limited vehicle. Private equity group Investindustrial, Aston Martin's largest shareholder, is considering increasing its stake by 3 per cent, and has received irrevocable undertakings from large shareholders including Primewagon.

CompanyDirectorDateNo of sharesPrice (p)Value (£)Holding (shares)Holding (%)
1Spatial Claire Milverton-Clark (ceo)27 Jun 201949,9963014,999400,1410.405
Air Partner Edmond Warner (ch)03 Jul 201925,0007318,250125,0000.236
Alliance Trust Karl Stephen Sternberg01 Jul 20191,547807.837512,49718,9240.006
CLS Holdings Andrew Kirkman (cfo)03 Jul 201950,000220.26110,10050,0000.012
Cluff Natural Resources*Andrew Nunn (coo)01 Jul 2019571,4301.7510,000806,7240.057
Cluff Natural Resources*Graham Swindells (ceo)01 Jul 2019571,4301.7510,000894,8360.064
Cluff Natural Resources*Mark Lappin (ch)01 Jul 2019571,4301.7510,000586,3910.042
Cluff Natural Resources*Peter Cowley 01 Jul 2019571,4301.7510,0001,018,4890.072
Compass  Anne-Francoise Nesmes27 Jun 20191,326187424,8491,3260.000
Dolphin CapitalMark Townsend 28 Jun 20191,250,00050.5631,2501,531,9040.169
DX (Group) Paul Goodson02 Jul 2019400,00011.7847,1202,100,0000.366
DX (Group) Paul Goodson03 Jul 2019100,00011.8911,8902,200,0000.383
Eden Research Lykele van der Broek (ch)27 Jun 2019358,50010.9439,220358,5000.173
EnQuest♥Amjad Bseisu (ceo)28 Jun 2019885,06719.7174,358164,175,7179.684
Filta Timothy Worlledge (ch)27 Jun 201910,00018618,60040,0000.138
Fusion Antibodies Sonya Ferguson02 Jul 201930,00069.520,85060,9000.276
Fusion Antibodies Paul Kerr (ceo)02 Jul 20196,92072.8965,044540,7102.448
Kingswood Holding♥ Kenneth West (ch)27 Jun 20191,352,283794,6604,536,0752.794
Nexus Infrastructure Alexander Wiseman02 Jul 20197,0001359,45032,0000.084
Nexus Infrastructure♥ Alexander Wiseman02 Jul 20197,0001359,45039,0000.102
RPS  John Douglas (ceo)28 Jun 201918,21110919,850408,4520.180
Smith & Nephew Angie Risley27 Jun 20192,3801,673.5639,8314,3400.000
Solid State Nigel Rogers02 Jul 20192,20045510,0102,2000.026
Solid State♥ Nigel Rogers02 Jul 20192,20045510,0104,4000.052
SpaceandPeople George Watt03 Jul 2019125,00012.715,875245,0001.255
Sportech Richard McGuire (ceo)02 Jul 2019130,00033.443,4201,000,0000.535
Strategic Minerals* John Peters28 Jun 20193,035,7141.442,50053,535,7143.648
Strategic Minerals* Jeffrey Harrison28 Jun 2019857,1421.412,0001,669,6420.114
Strategic Minerals* Peter Wale 28 Jun 20194,142,8571.458,00054,502,3243.714
Ten Lifestyle  Bruce Weatherill (ch)28 Jun 2019100,00098.3198,310776,5230.963
Ten Lifestyle  Gillian Davies28 Jun 201920,00098.519,70040,0000.050 Catherine Glickman03 Jul 201916,18761.77510,00031,8120.051 Gavin Peck (cfo)03 Jul 2019100,00068.7568,750554,6360.887 Kevin Keaney (ceo)03 Jul 2019100,00068.7568,7501,194,6001.911 Harry Morley 03 Jul 201915,50069.12510,71431,1250.050
TT Electronics Anne Thorburn 02 Jul 201945,000238107,10045,0000.028
Union Jack Oil*Joseph O'Farrell03 Jul 201929,411,7640.1750,000242,399,4732.002
Union Jack Oil*Raymond Godson03 Jul 20195,882,3530.1710,00048,411,7640.400
Urban&Civic Rosemary  Boot 27 Jun 20199,10032829,8489,1000.006
XPS Pensions  Sarah Ing02 Jul 201915,00098.914,83515,0000.007
XPS Pensions  Margaret Snowdon02 Jul 201930,3039930,00030,3030.015
XPS Pensions ♥ Paul Cuff03 Jul 201927,95610629,633796,4060.391
CompanyDirectorDateNo of sharesPrice (p)Value (£)Holding (shares)Holding (%)
ADM Energy Stefan Olivier (ceo)01 Jul 201950,00017.28,600580,0001.250
Altitude  Martin Varley28 Jun 20192,000,0001002,000,00010,204,618na
Altitude  Martin Varley02 Jul 2019125,000110137,50010,079,61814.840
Aston Martin Lagonda♥Najeeb Al Humaidhi28 Jun 20193,000,000982.529,475,00038,860,28917.044
Quilter Paul Feeney  (ceo)28 Jun 201978,623140.15110,190913,6940.048
Schroders Michael Dobson (ch)28 Jun 201919,9603,050608,780347,2760.154
Schroders Michael Dobson (ch)01 Jul 201930,0403,091.20928,596317,2360.140
Schroders Michael Dobson (ch)01 Jul 201950,0003,110.301,555,150267,2360.118
*Placing/tender/open offer ♥Spouse/connected party