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Profit from commodities

FEATURE: This feature gives you a comprehensive briefing on issues affecting commodities. We look at price drivers, undervalued shares, and speak to Jim Rogers about his views.

In aggregate, shares have posted fairly mediocre returns over the past 10 years. But commodities have turned in staggering performances. Gold and oil have hogged the limelight, but prices for base metals, ferrous raw materials and agricultural commodities have also risen sharply as demand rises and supply stagnates.

At the same time, innovations such as exchange traded products, spread bets and covered warrants – plus a veritable explosion in the number of listed mining and oil companies – have made it easier than ever for ordinary investors to get exposure to this long-term bull market.

This week's bumper feature is devoted to the subject of commodities investing. Among the topics we consider are:

■ The outlook for gold, silver and the platinum group metals

■ Why ferrous raw materials will continue to boom

■ Whether commodities protect against inflation

■ The relationship between currencies and commodities

■ The buying opportunities in niche markets such as mineral sands and uranium

■ How technology is transforming the food and oil industries

We also look at some of the frontier exploration areas to watch, name the 10 resources shares we think are most undervalued, pick the best ETFs for the ordinary investor and interview Jim Rogers, the man who helped George Soros make his fortune and a well-known commodities investor.