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Savings Rates

The latest savings rates for investors
Savings Rates

Use our tables to make sure that you are getting the best deal on your savings. The tables compare the savings rates offered on almost all current and savings accounts and are updated weekly. They are supplied by Moneyfacts, one of the UK's leading compilers of such comparative data.

However, before immersing yourself in the best rates, take a step back. Work out how much you have got to save and what level of taxpayer you are. Also think about how quickly you may need to access your money (tomorrow or in a couple of years), how you want your interest paid (monthly or yearly), and how you prefer to operate your account (online, by post or face to face in a branch).

Be aware that many accounts carry 'introductory' bonus rates that inflate the initial interest rate figure, and that the rate may not be so competitive when the bonus rate period ends. Introductory bonuses are clearly indicated in the tables.

Be sure also to check the terms and conditions of accounts. Some of the more competitive rates may require minimum deposits, limited withdrawals and online-only operation. Such T&Cs are also clearly indicated in the tables.

The savings rate table are supplied by, which is completely independent of the Investors Chronicle and the Financial times. Any queries or observations should be addressed to Moneyfacts directly via their website.