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Have the best Japanese gains gone?

Japanese stock markets tumble as contradictions in its economic experiment unnerve bond holders in the third biggest economy in the world.
Have the best Japanese gains gone?

A sharp sell-off in Japanese equities last week has led to questions over the efficacy of Abenomics and the sustainability of a record stock market run. Analysts are keeping faith in the land of the rising sun, though Dean Turner, investment strategist with HSBC private bank, said: "We do not think that last week's market volatility changes Japan's fundamentals." Andrew Rose, head of Japanese equities at Schroders, said: "If you are prepared to take a long-term view, the market is not expensive, and if Abenomics is successful in creating growth then there are still a lot of positives to come." However, as record amounts of money flow into Japanese equity funds, Mr Rose believes the markets are unlikely to repeat their record run in such a short space of time.


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