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10 investment trusts for new recovery themes

Niche plays in Europe and Asia have replaced UK value as our screen's top theme
10 investment trusts for new recovery themes
  • Europe and Vietnam are two themes highlighted this month
  • All nine past "Top 10" IT portfolios are now beating benchmarks

Since November's report, a stand out theme in the  ten-trust selections has been UK-equity recovery plays. Often the 10 trust portfolios have featured the maximum quota of 5 UK funds (the portfolio rules means only five trusts from the same mainstream theme are allowed). There has also been a particular focus on  UK trusts investing in small caps and value stocks. Such trusts have proved among the best ways to profit from the so-called “reflation trade”.

However, as glorious as the returns from UK value and small caps have been, this wonderful run seems to be losing steam. Steam is something the Alpha screening criteria likes. That’s due to its focus on momentum as well as value. So this month we are moving on to pastures new.

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