Mr Bearbull's Income Fund

Mr Bearbull has been running his Income Portfolio since 1999, significantly outperforming the market over the long term

Shares boughtCompany Price (p) Cost (£)Price Now (p) Value% Change
1800SSE 63411494.06145126118129
13150NatWest 9% Prefs12116016.061481946222
14000Real Estate Credit Inv109.515431.651672338053
5000Zytronic 1939710.7550025000159
40000Record 36.51469844.21768021
3850Air Partner7614660.441112127146
4550Vesuvius 391.817826.95282402435
8800Manx Telecom2021777619116808-5
15550Empiric Student P'y11117371.8111172990
200Boeing 101.32620391.53151.993039750
125,000Pan African Resources 15.751981113.516875-14
      Interest accrued57
Starting capital (Sept 1998) 100000Total 312626213
FTSE All-Share index 2383.6 400268
Retail Price Index  164.4 27265
Income distributed:  167476   


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