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IC model asset allocation – £1m plus

How to invest when you’re a millionaire
IC model asset allocation – £1m plus

Key Characteristics:

  • Very wealthy investors
  • Desire for additional income from investments

When you’re an investment millionaire then how you manage your wealth is down to your personality. Some people may continue with the more aggressive asset allocation from our £251k to £1m model, if they feel comfortable peak-to-trough market falls won’t affect their lifestyle. Some wealthy investors may decide to take even more risk if they don’t need to draw capital from the portfolio for years at a time.

This strategic asset allocation model has been designed with retired investors in mind. They have the wealth to maintain risk and growth in their portfolio, but don’t need to be too aggressive. At this stage, wealth should be about minimising effort and allowing time to focus on everything else life has to offer.

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