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A diamond prospect beginning to shine?

Day trader Michael Taylor senses a change in the market but he also thinks one diamond miner's fortunes are due an uplift
A diamond prospect beginning to shine?
  • Uncertainty appears to be creeping into the markets – is a correction coming?
  • Traders need to be disciplined and vigilant
  • One diamond miner looks to be turning its fortunes around

The past two weeks have seen some uncertainty enter the market. Everyone seems to be sure of a big US correction. Which leads me to think: if everyone is so sure about a US correction, who is left to sell? But prices can fall if everyone thinks a correction is coming. At the moment, the US indices are trading close to their highs with some slight pullbacks. Is it just another ‘buy the dip’ moment or the start of something bigger? Who knows, and who cares? So long as you have your exit plans then you don’t need to worry. As I said on my YouTube channel (search 'Michael Taylor – Shifting Shares'), you must make sure that you properly assess the risks. It’s no good wanting to dump 20,000 shares into a market that is best bid for 5,000 several ticks below the price you want to sell. Of course, nobody can predict the future, but remember that illiquid stocks can become more illiquid.


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