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Crypto: too big to ignore but not too big to fail

The blockchain prize may prove gargantuan but expect scary price swings in 2022
Crypto: too big to ignore but not too big to fail

Perhaps Raiders of the Lost Ark will be on the holiday television schedules; the film makes a good analogy for hunting long-term crypto profits. Bold investors must crawl through a series of financial death-traps while beset by scoundrels to claim a mythical prize and even then, it may be snatched from their grasp at the last.

To say cryptocurrency has no place in a sensible investor’s portfolio is a fair, if old fashioned, stance. After all, the asset prices are still based on sentiment rather than earnings and many could turn out to have zero intrinsic value.

But is it still worth owning some and having a toehold in the blockchain revolution? Arguably, we’re talking about the most spectacular potential network effects the world has ever seen. Like buying Amazon (AMZN) or Google, before it was Alphabet (GOOGL), at the very outset but with the potential for even higher growth rates.

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