Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolios

General Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolio

Fund (Ticker) - Asset ClassNovember 2019 weight% TR 27.11.2019 to 20.05.2020Approx weight 20.05.2020
iShares FTSE 100 (ISF)5-17.94.3
Vanguard FTSE 250 (VMID)7.5-20.8SOLD
db X-trackers Eurostoxx (XESC) - Eurozone equity5-10.34.8
Vanguard S&P 500 (VUSA) - American equity7.5-0.37.9
iShares MSCI Japan (IJPA)7.5-7.37.3
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets (EMIM)7.5-8.87.2
M&G Global Listed Infrastructure GBP Acc10-0.110.6
iShares AI and Robotics (RBOT) - global equity5-1.35.2
Augmentum Fintech (AUGM) - European equity5-8.94.8
Impax Environmental Markets (IEM) - Global equity5-9.54.9
Biotech Growth Trust (BIOG) - Global equity NEW BUY  5
Lyxor FTSE Actuaries Gilts 0-5 yr (GIL5) - UK Gov bond51.35.4
iShares corporate bonds 0-5 yr (IS15)7.50.58
iShares Fallen Angels (WING) - High yield corporate bond51.85.4
HSBC FTSE Epra Nareit (HPRO) - Global real estate 7.5-20.46.3
Invesco Physical Gold ETC (SGLD)517.36.3
 Portfolio TR -5.6 
 Maximum drawdown(18.02.2020 to 22.03.2020)-26.25 
 Annualised volatility (%)23.1 

Source: Investors Chronicle and Factset



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