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Micro Focus: A fall from grace

Almost three years on, the company is still struggling with its HP acquisition
Micro Focus: A fall from grace

Micro Focus (MCRO) was once theUK’s largest public technologycompany, with a market capitalisationof more than £9bn. For a number of years it enjoyed significant success pursuing a strategy of acquiring legacy software businesses, cutting their costs, cross-selling their products and juicing out cash. However, times have changed and now its market capitalisation stands at just over £1bn.

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The fall from grace has been spectacular: the company saw more than half of its value erased in just the past two years alone. And we think its share price could have further to fall – an opinion that seems to be shared by a number of hedge funds, with the 3.7 per cent disclosed short positions placing the IT firm among the25 most shorted shares in London. 

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