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Alpha: Phil Oakley's shares round-up 5 July

Phil's fantasy Sipp is still performing well and he's made an addition to the portfolio.
Alpha: Phil Oakley's shares round-up 5 July

Global stock markets are on fire and are being driven by the expectation of even cheaper money in the US and Europe. Yields on government bonds continue to go lower and this is turbocharging the stock market, particularly share prices of high-quality companies. 

Against this back drop and given my long-standing reservations about the expensiveness of quality shares, it might surprise some readers that I've added Amazon (AMZN) to the Fantasy Sipp portfolio. The reason for its inclusion, however, is the significant growth that is coming from Amazon Web Services, its cloud computing business which is transforming the profitability and cash generation of the company.

Also in this week's report, I maintain my bearish view on the housebuilding sector, explain why I don't like Purplebricks (PURP) as an investment and give my take on Sainsbury's (SBRY) prospects for the years ahead. Using Craneware (CRW) as an example, I also demonstrate how I like to assess the true profitability of software companies. 

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