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Lessons from History: Premium pets

What can we learn from the behaviours of the ancient Egyptians?
Lessons from History: Premium pets
  • Ancient societies adored their pets leading to a lucrative market in luxury pet care
  • Today we can learn from that market as the price people are willing to pay for their dogs

The year is 525 BCE. Persian general Camyses II has hatched a plan is to take over Egypt by painting his soldiers’ shields with images that the Egyptians could not possibly attack: their pets. And it worked! When the Egyptian army was met with shields depicting dogs, cats, ibises and other beloved animals, they immediately surrendered their country to the Persians.

The ancient Egyptians adored their pets. They cared for them, exercised them, bought them luxury items and, when they died, ensured them the best possible pathway into the afterlife. And so, much like society today, their glorification of animals led to the development of a lucrative market in luxury pet care.

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