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Further Reading: The ‘Post Corona’ Vision

What Professor Scott Galloway thinks will – and won’t – change in a world post Covid-19
Further Reading: The ‘Post Corona’ Vision

Time has moved both slowly and quickly since the start of the pandemic, depending on who you ask. Long weeks and empty social calendars can seem to drag on perpetually. But as Professor Scott Galloway reminds us in his new book ‘Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity’, we perceive time through marked changes. And with many of us stuck in the same positions as we were last March, the first rounds of clapping for the NHS might seem like a few weeks ago, rather than almost a year. 

This makes the sunny uplands of a “post-corona” world seem all the more distant. But Galloway, who teaches marketing at the New York University school of business, is well-known for his forward thinking, making outlandish predictions in the private sector. Most notable was his guess in 2017 that Amazon (US:AMZN) would buy WholeFoods, which came to fruition only a month later. A book dedicated to his most recent round of predictions is therefore not surprising – but it is packed with interesting speculations about the direction of companies, economies and people in the coming years.  

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