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Mickey to Marvel and a lesson in the value of IP

Over almost a century Disney has grown and protected its IP assets and squeezed maximum profits from them
Mickey to Marvel and a lesson in the value of IP
  • Three major acquisitions and many creative minds have given Walt Disney an army of valuable characters
  • Protecting the brand has helped deliver huge profits

In 1960, brothers Stanley and Larry Leiber wrote a new character into the 13th edition of their comic book series, Tales to Astonish. His name was Groot, an extraterrestrial, tree-like creature known as a Flora colossus who leapt onto page as a villain, intent on stealing human secrets of sentience. A starring role came in 1976 when he was one of the six savage forces to fight the Hulk in the fifth annual edition of Bruce Banner’s adventures as a radioactive monster. 

And then for three decades Groot went quiet, consigned to Marvel’s vault of heroes alongside almost 7,000 others. 

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