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7 Big Reliable shares

Over the past 10 years the Big Reliables stock screen has produced nearly double the return from the FTSE 350 and it has pick seven new quality-growth large caps for the year ahead.
7 Big Reliable shares
  • The Big Reliables stock screen has produced a cumulative total return of 156 per cent over the last decade compared with 86 per cent from the FTSE 350
  • The screen almost kept pace with the market over 12 months despite the turn against large-cap, quality, growth shares
  • Seven new shares selected for the coming year

My Big Reliables screen is 10 years old this month. It’s a simple beast. It focuses on identifying companies that are large (by UK standards, at least), are growing earnings, and generate sufficient returns on equity and cash conversion to suggest that growth may be worthwhile. 

Simple as the screen is, over the decade it has beaten the FTSE 350 by a decent margin, albeit not a spectacular one. The FTSE 350 is the index the screen is conducted on. 

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