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Where is the minister for housing opportunities?

The pandemic has complicated free market calls for housing reform. Developers probably won't mind too much
Where is the minister for housing opportunities?

This month, Jacob Rees-Mogg kicked off his role as the newly appointed minister for Brexit opportunities and government efficiency with an article in The Sun, in which he asked the paper’s readers to identify “ANY petty old EU regulation that should be abolished”.

Although he has since argued Brexit is already a success, Rees-Mogg has also tacitly acknowledged that the benefits of his Sun reader appeal – and any economic dividends that might flow from them – won’t be fully realised for a long time. “The overwhelming opportunity for Brexit is over the next 50 years,” the MP for North East Somerset cautioned two years after the UK’s vote to leave.

Cast the vitriol and messiness of contemporary politics as the gradual arc of history, and anything is possible. But it’s interesting that even a shift as epochal as Brexit doesn’t claim first place on Rees-Mogg’s top list of concerns. That, it turns out, is reserved for housing.

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