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Not your normal finance show: Always working

In unusual times, we bring you an atypical finance podcast from abnormal locations
Not your normal finance show: Always working

Are we ever going back to the office? Will working life return to normal when the threat of coronavirus has passed? How will businesses in the hospitality and travel sectors survive?

Some of the team at the IC have tentatively returned to the office in the last few months, but with government regulation clamping down again, we’re not sure how long that will last. Local businesses in the city and other office hubs are desperate for things to get back to normal, while travel companies are having to adapt to the new ways of working. And there are regional differences to contend with as well.

This week, Megan Boxall and John Hughman have been joined by Alex Janiaud to discuss the issues surrounding working from home. 

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The working-from-home challenge

"Widespread working from home might jeopardise the economy, but not in the way the media is discussing," explains Chris Dillow.



How is WFH impacting company results?

As discussed in the podcast, Greggs has struggled with the shift to new ways for working. Go-Ahead has also struggled, despite government backing. But it's not all bad news. More people working from home helped software group Avast surpass 13m paying customers for the first time.


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