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AlphaScreen: Property-backed companies proving resilient

Our growth at a reasonable price screen is highlighting several companies which are either directly involved in property or are backed by significant property assets
AlphaScreen: Property-backed companies proving resilient


  • Struggle for many companies to pass all tests set by the screen
  • Two Large Cap and two Aim companies pass all their tests, no small caps pass all the tests set
  • Once again, companies are finding it difficult to pass all of the tests on our Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) screens after the pandemic played havoc with growth forecasts over the past year. Among both the large cap and Aim indices respectively only two companies passed all the tests set by the screen while among the small cap universe no companies passed all seven tests. 
  • Among the large cap selection property backed companies performed well with Safestore (SAFE) passing all the screen’s tests and others like Sirius Real Estate (SRE) and Assura (AGR) passing all but one of the tests while SEGRO (SGRO), Tritax BigBox REIT (BBOX) and LSL Property Services (LSL) passed six out of eight of the tests. 
  • On Aim Sureserve (SUR) and Smart Metering Systems (SMS) topped the charts as the only two companies to pass all seven tests, although 13 companies passed six of the seven tests set for the junior market screen. 
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