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New year, new hope

“Much has changed this year, including the Investors’ Chronicle. It is somewhat fitting for a magazine that has seen so much change and upheaval in its history that this anniversary has been marked by an event that has had such a profound effect, not just on our lives but the market too.” 

John Hughman, Editor and Rosie Carr, Deputy Editor

At the end of a difficult year, we’re immensely proud to share our bumper relaunch anniversary issue. We’ve squeezed a lot in and we think there is something for everyone. 

John and Rosie’s top picks

Terry Smith talks big tech, fraud and ESG

When will the house price boom end?

Mary McDougall interviews Scottish Mortgage’s managers 

Dave Baxter talks to Gina and Allan Miller on potential clarity brought about by the end of Brexit and the pandemic


"31 FTSE 100 companies made a statement on racial diversity matters in 2021"

You can read our top data analysis from Oliver Telling in ‘The year in charts’


Forces for good, or not?

“$1.2trn of ESG money is now managed globally” Philip Ryland says responsible investing is getting its act together. With guest contributor Gillian Tett.

Megan Boxall isn’t so sure. Is ESG the next big fraud? What will 2021 reveal when the tide washes out? With guest contributor Carson Block 

Five ethical trends to befriend

Regardless of your opinion, it’s worth paying attention to big trends, as Nilushi Karunaratne examines here. 

Oil is dead, long live oil 

While the outlook for the oil market is looking a little clearer after a turbulent year, according to Alex Hamer


IC experts help you make sense of the year 

There are ‘Reasons to be bullish’ according to Simon Thompson, who sets out his investment calls for the smaller companies market for the year ahead in this article.

2020: The economy, upended 

There are many uncertainties ahead for the economy in 2021, according to Chris Dillow and the road back to normality will be long 

Tech companies still look good 

People are right to compare tech IPO valuations with the late 1990s, but established tech companies still have lots to offer investors, says Phil Oakley


What pandemic?

Daily cases of coronavirus have fluctuated in the UK throughout the year

The challenges posed by coronavirus have changed the outlook for many industries. Click on the links below to find out more. 

How Covid-19 could lead the way to better healthcare

Scientific innovation has accelerated in 2020 and that will benefit the public and investors alike

Consumption, changed?

Six consumer habits that could be set for lasting change as the effects of the pandemic continue


Understanding your asset options 

Emma Powell and Mark Robinson examine the outlook for various investment options

When will the house price boom end?

Which corners of the property market will flourish in 2021?

What alternative channels of wealth should you consider? 


"The five biggest tech companies now contribute almost a quarter of the value of the S&P 500"

Can the sector’s dominance continue in 2020, or will challenges trip the companies up? Lauren Almeida examines the issues here. 


Understand your international investment opportunities 

Europe’s green shoots and leavers 

Advantage, China

America: Now what?

Emerging markets: A tale in two parts

Lessons from Japan 


Key Questions for 2021: The professionals’ view

Leonora Walters asks 11 fund managers to set out their views on some of the biggest issues for the coming year. Click here to read the full article.