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The IC guide to cryptocurrencies

Currency or an investment? Your complete guide to the bitcoin, blockchain and crypto craze.
The IC guide to cryptocurrencies

Key Points:

  • Bitcoin is attracting a lot of attention after its value increased tenfold in less than a year
  • The blockchain is also capturing investor attention for its uses beyond bitcoin mining
  • For those unsure of whether bitcoin is worth investing in, or even what it actually is, we explain what you need to know

Is it time to join the ‘bitcoin bros’? The value of the digital currency is soaring (again), and across social media its – apparently mostly male – investors are boasting of their newfound riches.

The investment establishment, on the other hand, seems less than enthused. After the value of a single bitcoin rose from $4,000 to $40,000 in less than a year, experts say it is displaying all the symptoms of a bubble ready to burst. The financial regulator warned investors: “be prepared” to lose all your money. 

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