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I want to invest - what should I do next?

The second part of our series on how to get started in investing
I want to invest - what should I do next?


You’ve made the decision you’re ready to start investing. How do you go about putting a portfolio together?

You need to make sure you have a sufficient cash buffer before you put money into the stock market, and be prepared to leave it there for at least five years. 

You can also spread your money across different asset classes to diversify your portfolio with the aim of reducing volatility over time. 


Click below to download the second guide in our Investing explained series, to read about what you need to think about once you’ve decided it’s time to invest. 


The guide includes:

  • An overview of the major asset classes
  • Diversifying through assets with a low correlation
  • Starting with funds
  • Key things to check when selecting funds
  • Picking a platform 

Or listen to our podcast, where Mary McDougall chat’s with the IC’s funds editor Dave Baxter and IG’s analyst and presenter Daniela Sabin Hathorn.

They discuss how to work out how much you should invest, what your options are, why diversification matters and how to pick between an active or passive strategy. 

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