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How to invest in robotics and artificial intelligence

These themes may seem futuristic, but investors can tap into this multi-decade opportunity now
How to invest in robotics and artificial intelligence
  • While Big Tech companies are investing heavily in robotics and AI, they will not be the only winners
  • Investors can gain broad exposure to these long-term structural trends through funds

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are often associated with science fiction and futuristic visions of how we might one day live and work. But these aren’t just distant ideas of the future, and haven’t been for some time.

The first industrial robot was installed in a General Motors (US:GM) factory back in 1961, and the automotive sector has pioneered the use of such technology throughout manufacturing assembly lines over the ensuing decades. With the development of machine vision and learning, advances in both software and hardware mean that robots are becoming increasingly sophisticated. And as costs fall and internet connectivity improves, their application across industries is growing.

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