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Alpha reports March 2019 to October 2020 summary performance

The average return on shares highlighted in Simon's Alpha reports is over 34 per cent as of market close 28.10.2020.
Alpha reports March 2019 to October 2020 summary performance

The table below shows the performance of shares covered in Simon Thompson's Alpha Reports (March 2019 to October 2020 reports). With an average gain of 34.2 per cent, versus 9.1 per cent total returns for the FTSE Aim All Share, Simon really has uncovered alpha.

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Simon Thompson's Alpha Small-Cap Reports (March 2019 to October 2020) - updated 29.10.2020

DateCompanyOffer price on publication (p)Latest bid price or exit at target price  (p)Dividends paid (p)Total return (%)Target price (p)Last recommendation
18 March 2019Urban Exposure70681.67-0.5%78Repeat buy at 69p ('Ben Graham recovery plays', 5 October 2020).
18 April 2019LMS Capital48.8480-1.6%naSold at 48p ('Taking stock and profits', 9 December 2019)
17 May 2019Venture Life45920104.4%130Raised target to 13p ('Simmering up for a strong second half, and beyond', 24 September 2020)
21 June 2019Sanderson1221401.516.0%naTakeover at 140p ('Sanderson cash bid sets up potential bidding war', 19 August 2019)
23 July 2019IXICO33850157.6%85Raised target price hit ('Aim-traded shares that hit the mark', 17 February 2020). Current price 105p.
15 August 2019SRT Marine Systems36.455051.1%55Target price hit 2 January 2020. New buy recommendation at 28p ('Targeting value plays', 16 March 2020). Current price 37p. Last recommendation: Repeat buy at 37p ('Below-the-radar small-caps navigating the Covid crisis', 8 September 2020)
27 September 2019CIP Merchant Capital51420-17.6%72Repeat buy at 50p ('Bull market pointers', 1 September 2020)
25 October 2019Alternative Income REIT72.555.55-16.6%85.5Repeat buy at 57p ('In search of value opportunities' 8 August 2020)
15 November 2019Frontier IP5763010.5%100Repeat buy at 67p ('Technology stocks for the new normal', 26 October 2020)
12 December 2019SigmaRoc46430-6.5%60Repeat buy at 51p ('Below-the-radar small-caps navigating the Covid crisis' 8 September 2020)
21 February 2020Circle Property2081553.3-23.9%285Repeat buy at 150p ('Three companies that remain buying opportunities', 28 September 2020)
19 March 2020Hargreaves Services2061984.5-1.7%320Repeat buy at 209p ('Targeting value plays', 8 August 2020)
30 April 2020ThinkSmart14550292.9%94Repeat buy at 47p ('Technology winners with a huge margin of safety', 19 October 2020)
04 June 2020RBG Holdings67.7600-11.4%140Repeat buy at 68p ('Priced for profitable outcomes', 8 October 2020)
02 July 2020LoopUp138207050.0%300Repeat buy at 245p ('Business booming at LoopUp', 23 September 2020)
30 July 2020Allied Minds38.538.20-0.8%55Repeat buy at 38.5p ('Technology winners with a huge margin of safety', 19 October 2020)
04 September 2020MTI Wireless Edge4044010.0%70Buy at 40p ('Tapping into climate change technologies', 4 September 2020)
05 October 2020Arcontech17518204.0%220Buy at 167p ('A software winner for lockdown', 5 October 2020)
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